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Erotic Adventures in the Wild West for PC

Currently in development. It's about 75% complete! Check it's progress here.

  • wildwest title screen
  • wildwest battle scene
  • wildwest animation screen
Minimum Requirements
  1. Pentium processor or higher.
  2. 64 Mb RAM
  3. Windows XP or higher with DirectX 5 or above.
  4. Supports all DirectX-compatible sound and video cards.

Follow Vanessa on her wild west adventure to find a treasure map hidden by a local gang. The map is not what it seems as it takes her to a secret faciltiy area 69 where women are being held captive for sexual experiments. Find out what happens inside the facility.

Game Play:
The game contains some action scenes where you must shoot the enemies down. Other parts of the game uses a point and click system where you must find objects and solve puzzles to get through the game.

-Unlock erotic films by getting cache and finishing levels.
-Find new sexy clothing that she can wear and model for you.

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