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Play Room App for PC
Play Room

Join Jenny, Sarah and Star for an erotic experience. View them on a 360 degree turntable. You can select from 3 different outfits. Each girl comes with 3 full animated loops with them strutting there stuff and doing suggestive motions. Unlock Star by visiting the sperm bank each day. She has all the options that Jenny and Sarah do but she also has a interactive scene plus the paint room where you can select from 4 different skins for her.

Play Room 2 App for PC
Play Room 2

Enter into Play Room 2 the Triad Manor to experience an erotic quest. You are searching for the peices of the puzzle to open the portal to the underworld to bring back the erotic queen for your lust filled desires. Collect items along the way to unlock new outfits and experiences. The quest is filled with animations and music as you continue your journey to the underworld!

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