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Google Play store Guide To Salt Water Aquariums
Guide To Salt Water Aquariums

This is a detailed guide on how to begin a salt water aquarium. It explores the salt water hobby from equipment set up all the way to understanding water parameters. It also includes a guide with pictures of various corals and other invertebrates and care tactics so that your corals and invertebrates will thrive.

Google Play store 8bit Maniac app
8bit Maniac

Revisit the classic gaming era with 8bit Maniac. See all the latest classic game reviews. Check out frequently added classic codes and passwords for those difficult to beat games.

Google Play store Electrician Side Kick app
Electrician Side Kick

With the Electrician Side Kick use bending, ohms law and resistor calculators. Run conduit like a pro with one quick measurement and the calculator will do the rest. Store new panels that you have installed and quickly add notes for quick look up.

Play Room App
Play Room

Join Jenny, Sarah and Star for an erotic experience. View them on a 360 degree turntable. You can select from 3 different outfits. Each girl comes with 3 full animated loops with them strutting there stuff and doing suggestive motions. Unlock Star by visiting the sperm bank each day. She has all the options that Jenny and Sarah do but she also has a interactive scene plus the paint room where you can select from 4 different skins for her.

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