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Gauntlet NES

It was originally released for the arcade in 1985 and later came to the NES in 1987. Its port was no mirror image of the arcade but it still had its fun and it was nice being able to play it at home when you could not play it at the arcade. Strangely enough there are two versions of the game. One was licensed by Nintendo and the other one was unlicensed and came in the black cartridge style.
Posted 2015-05-09 - Episode 37

Total Recall NES

Total Recall is a prime example of early 90's action mixed with science fiction. It starred Arnold Schwarzenegger who was one of the top action movie stars from the 80's and 90's. Total Recall contained so much action and adventure that it was a perfect candidate for a video game.
Posted 2015-04-05 - Episode 36

Mutation Nation (Neo Geo CD)

Mutation Nation could be found in many arcades that carried a Neo Geo cabinet. It eventually found its way into our homes in 1992 and again in 1995 on the Neo Geo CD console. This was great because the cd console games were more affordable than the AES console and it gave us a chance to experience arcade action right in the comfort of our own homes.
Posted 2015-03-22 - Episode 35

Beyond Shadowgate (Turbografx CD)

Beyond Shadowgate is a sequel to the first game called Shadowgate. It was released in 1993, 3 years after one of my all time favorite graphic adventures, The Secret of Monkey Island. The big difference between the first Shadowgate and the second one is the fact that beyond Shadowgate uses a third person view where you control the character around the screen, verses a first person static view with very limited animations.
Posted 2015-03-13 - Episode 34
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