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Top 10 NES games that will give you high blood pressure

If your blood pressure was down and looking good it soon won't be after playing these NES titles. They were frustrating, anger inducing and made you use every swear word known to man. They still capture those moments today and give you the challenge you were looking for.
Posted 2014-12-14 - Episode 28

RoboCop Arcade

There were so many movies from the 80s that left an impression on me as a kid. RoboCop is definitely one of those movies. RoboCop hit the theater in 1987 and in 1988 the arcade game was born. Data East was the master mind behind this arcade title.
Posted 2014-12-07 - Episode 27

Batman the Video Game

Soon after the films appearance on the big screen we were sure to see a movie adaptation for the NES. This begs the question. Was it another terrible movie adaption or did they pull this one off? Well believe it or not they nailed this one.
Posted 2014-11-22 - Episode 26

The Adventures of Bayou Billy

Do you like Konami games? Do you like crappy Konami games? What happened in the swamps of Bayou Billy? This NES title could have been a great game, but it didn't make the cut. See why Konami drowned in their own swamp water.
Posted 2014-11-15 - Episode 25

Castlevania II Simons Quest

Castlevania 2 Simons Quest is one of the most memorable games from the 8bit era. It took the original castlevania with a mix of rpg style game play to create a non linear environment that brought the world of castlevania to life.
Posted 2014-10-31 - Episode 24

Ghosts N Goblins

Ghosts N Goblins is one of the hardest games in the NES library. There is one very important thing to remember when playing this game. Shoot first and ask questions later. See what it takes to save the princess from the clutches of evil.
Posted 2014-10-27 - Episode 23

Alien Storm

Alien Storm was a great arcade classic that was later ported to the Sega Genesis and Mega Drive. It plays like golden axe, but with a Science Fiction theme. Play as one of three characters and send these aliens back to outerspace.
Posted 2014-10-20 - Episode 22

Friday The 13th

We all remember when Jason Voorhees terrorized the big screen. He eventually came to the NES and terrorized us in a whole new way. Friday The 13th was a terrifying game and by terrifying I mean horribly putrid.
Posted 2014-10-13 - Episode 21

Psi Ops:The Mindgate Conspiracy

Psi Ops is a third person shooting game that gives you incredible psychic abilites at your finger tips. See through special agent Nick Scryer's eyes and infiltrate the enemy headquarters. Destroy the movement before they take over the world.
Posted 2014-10-06 - Episode 20

A Nightmare On Elm Street

Does Nightmare on Elm Street meet the expectations of the films fans or is this cartridge another victim to bad movie adaptations. See what nightmares await you in this NES review.
Posted 2014-10-01 - Episode 19

Kung Food

You won't be eating these vegetables. Fight your way through hordes of mutant vegetables that are trying to overun your home. There in the fridge, the freezer, the kitchen and everywhere else.
Posted 2014-09-01 - Episode 18

Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight brings back the 8bit retro style game play and graphics. It plays like Mega Man and Castlevania combined with it's own unique touch. Find out if this title is worth spending your cash on.
Posted 2014-08-09 - Episode 17


Get a glimpse of Destiny for the Xbox One and see what's in store for gamers come september 2014.
Posted 2014-07-26 - Episode 16


Just how awesome is Nosferatu for the Super Nintendo. See for yourself. Take a look deep within the castle walls to find an ancient evil that hunts by night.
Posted 2014-07-01 - Episode 15

Mad Max

Is Mad Max a worthy title to add to your NES library? Take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly of Mad Max for the NES.
Posted 2014-06-09 - Episode 14

Mighty Final Fight

Mighty Final Fight for the NES is a spinoff of the original Final Fight title that was released in the arcades and ported to home consoles. It was released in 1993 and followed the same side-scrolling beat-em-up style that the original did but, there was one clear difference between the two.
Posted 2014-05-26 - Episode 13


Castlevania brought a new challenge, horror and excitement to the NES console. I clearly remember my first encounter with this classic. School was out for the weekend and I headed off to the video game rental store in hopes to find another great NES game.
Posted 2014-05-10 - Episode 12

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

We all remember the skull cracking, back breaking and gut busting action that final fight had to offer. But what about the other side scroller fighting games by Capcom. Did they capture that button mashing intense action? Well Cadillacs and Dinosaurs did, it had all this action with a larger variety of characters and weapons.
Posted 2014-05-03 - Episode 11

Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z

Get all the details on the new Ninja Gaiden for the Xbox 360. Does it compare to Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Gaiden 2 for the Xbox 360? See for yourself in this review.
Posted 2014-04-16 - Episode 10

Elemental Master

Is Elemental Master for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive a classic worth playing? Get the full scoop on the good and bad of Elemental Master.
Posted 2014-04-04 - Episode 9

Bio Force Ape

Bio Force what? Find out what Bio Force Ape is all about. The game was never released for the NES console but a copy of the original game surfaced and can be played off of an actual NES cartridge. If you enjoy playing classic NES titles it's worth checking out.
Posted 2014-03-23 - Episode 8


Shatterhand reviewed for the classic NES. See what makes this game shatter proof.
Posted 2014-03-09 - Episode 7

Mega Man 2

My memories of Mega Man 2 and a brief walk through of the game the way I remembered it as a kid.
Posted 2014-02-20 - Episode 6
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