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8bitManiac Reviews 2013

Super Mario 3D World

An overview on some of the harder to find areas that will reveal stars, stamps and shortcuts.
Posted 2013-12-18 - Episode 5

Wings of Wor

Wings of Wor review for the Sega Genesis. Warning: do not eat before playing this game.
Posted 2013-12-10 - Episode 4

Xbox One

(Go to forum and select reviews to view this video) Take a quick glance on the first time set up of the XBox One and my final thoughts on the console.
Posted 2013-12-04 - Episode 3

Final Fight

Step back to 1989 when Final Fight hit the arcade. This review looks at some of Final Fights more interesting moments.
Posted 2013-11-17 - Episode 2


This is the pilot episode where it all began.

Take a step back in time to revisit those classic Contra moments. The review goes into detail on each level showing clips of those memorable, difficult and upsetting moments.
Posted 2013-11-16 - Episode 1
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